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Sci.Story Competition

Attention Mitchell Mustangs!

Are you interested in Math, Science and/or Technology? Do you like making videos? Then I have a competition for YOU!

In conjunction with the Sci/TECH Expo, there is a new district-wide 5th and 6th grade competition called SCI.STORY. It is completely an individual competition. No group projects are allowed.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to use various multimedia elements to create a documentary focusing on a particular scientist, mathematician, scientific or mathematical concept, or a significant event from the history of science or mathematics. Who knows, your documentary might move on to be chosen and used by the Education for Tomorrow Alliance.

Mrs. Reitzel ( needs to know if you will be participating no later than Wednesday, December 6th.

Permission slips and final projects are due to Mrs. Reitzel no later than Friday, Jan. 12th. 

Website with information, permission form, and directions can be accessed here.