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5th Grade Math & Reading STAAR and Revised Lunch Schedule

Fifth graders will take the Math STAAR on Tuesday, April 10 and the Reading STAAR on Wednesday, April 11. If at all possible, please do not schedule appointments on these days. We want to make every attempt not to interrupt classes.

Please be sure your child eats a balanced breakfast and gets plenty of rest. STAAR is a 4 hour timed test. Students will begin testing at 9:05 a.m. In order to not interrupt testing, we have moved 5th grade lunch to later times. Please see the updated schedule below. Students will be allowed to snack during testing and most LCs provide snacks for their students.

Testing guidelines do not allow anyone to visit children while the test is being administered. Parents will not be permitted to eat lunch or deliver lunch to their child while in the classroom. Thank you in advance for helping us maintain testing administration protocol.

The use of cell phones or smart watches are not permitted as stated in campus policy and state
testing guidelines. Please help us ensure testing security by not allowing your child to have a cell
phone or smart watch at school on testing days. If a child does bring his/her cell phone or smart
watch to school, it will be collected by the teacher prior to administration of the test and returned before dismissal.

5th Grade Revised Lunch Schedule –¬†April 10 and April 11
12:35-1:00 p.m. -LC 1, 2 and 3
1:05-1:30 p.m. – LC 4, 5, and 6