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Mission and Vision

Mitchell Intermediate


Mission and Vision Statement


Mitchell Intermediate Mission Statement:
We, the Mitchell team, in partnership with parents and community, have committed to provide quality education through our looping philosophy in a safe, nurturing environment that fosters the development of life-long learners. Varied, innovative learning experiences and creative opportunities in a learning community environment will challenge students to reach their full potential and achieve success in our diverse and complex society.

Mitchell Intermediate School Vision:

Students, teachers, staff and parents will view our school as a true “learning community.”

Interdisciplinary Teaming
A culture of sharing, tiered instruction, and connection to real-world events will be woven throughout all aspects of school activities.
Technology Integration
The use of technology in instruction will be integrated and utilized in all areas of learning.
A two-year interconnected fifth and sixth grade student placement implemented through a “looping” concept will help teachers to maximize their students’ academic achievement.
Community Service
Devoting effort and resources to help others in our local community will continue to be a school-wide goal.
Fine Arts
Opportunities to participate in visual or performing arts will enhance our students’ experiences.