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Fundraiser Due Date Extension – Oct 10

Mitchell Parents,

Did you know that only about 20% of the Mitchell students have turned in an order form even though 100% of the 6th graders will be able to attend our big field trip this year if we raise enough money. Every child benefits from the Chromebooks the PTO has funded. Every child is now able to benefit from the math Imagine Learning program. Without the PTO fundraising efforts. this program would not be available. In order for our school to continue being as successful as it has been in previous years, we are reliant on the generous donations from the PTO to support our programs. Unlike many other schools, we don’t receive funding to pay for curricular programs we feel our students need. We need more students to participate. Please encourage your child to help sell items or send the online link to family and friends who are not local.

Paula Klapesky

A message from the PTO Fundraising Committee:

Please send in any paper order forms this week so that orders can be processed. We have extended our paper and online sales deadline until October 10th! The website to log on to the fundraiser is Students selling $299 or more will attend The Yuck Game Show. Students selling $399 or more will attend the Acro Dunk Team show. (Google theses two events to see how cool they are!) Students selling $499 or more items will qualify for a hummer limo event to Urban Air! Currently our sales are down for our fundraiser. This is our primary fundraiser that allows the Mitchell PTO to pay for field trips and so much more!

We appreciate your support of this very important fundraiser!

The Fundraiser Committee,
Mykell, Lauren, Aimee and Robin