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Generation Texas Week 2020

November 16-20Gives website information

Generation Texas Week teaches students about the importance of education, previews the schools in their feeder zone, and highlights postgraduate options, such as college, technical schools, the military, and other career opportunities. Throughout this week, we will discuss how Mitchell Mustangs are the future of Texas and how a good education will help them achieve their dreams. Each day we will feature important information about career exploration and the suggested next steps to pursue those ambitions. To draw attention and celebrate these important concepts, Mitchell will have themed dress up days to spark career-related conversations. Dressing up is optional, but please adhere to the school dress code if you choose to allow your child to participate. Please help us celebrate your child’s future with the following themes . . .

Monday, November 16: Career Day!
Students will dress for the career they would like to pursue. Discuss with your child this sentence stem – “When I grow up, I want to be…” Today, teachers will help students explore job opportunities. Teachers will also dress up, thinking, “If I had not been a teacher, I would have been…” Imagine all the career conversations that will happen!

Tuesday, November 17: Back to Your Future Day!
Students should wear their favorite college shirt. Teachers will wear their alma mater shirt and discuss information about colleges as well as answer questions about the college experience – only school appropriate topics, of course! We have found that teachers have great stories about their paths to their present. By talking about their pasts, students may find their futures; hence the name of today’s theme!

Wednesday, November 18: The Road to College and Career!
Students should wear a Mitchell Intermediate, McCullough Junior High, The Woodlands High School, or any of their elementary shirts. Teachers will preview the feeder schools – McCullough Junior High and The Woodlands High School – to excite students about their upcoming school transitions. With all the elective options, students will be prepared for their college and career opportunities!

Thursday, November 19: Freedom to Choose!
Students should wear camo or red, white, and blue to celebrate their ability to choose from a variety of school and career opportunities. There are numerous options other than attending a four-year college. Teachers will explore those opportunities, such as community college, technical schools, the military, and even straight to career.

Friday, November 20: Hats off to Your Bright Future!
Students will wear a hat to celebrate how bright their futures are. Teachers will discuss the financial costs of college and career choices as well as the importance of doing well in school to afford these costs.