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Chicken Biscuit Sales

On Tuesday, September 14 we will start our CFA Chicken Biscuit Sales to support the Mitchell Community Service Club’s Scholarship Fund. To date, we have awarded 101 $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors who were former Mitchell Mustangs. Help support this very important service we provide to the community. Biscuits will be sold on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:15-8:45 AM in the Mitchell Commons for $3.50. Only cash/check is accepted. Biscuits will be available for your child to pick up if they pre-ordered them on Thursday from 8:15-8:45 AM. This is always an extremely positive event. We recommend your child pre-order biscuits. We do order extras that are sold on Thursday mornings, but run out very quickly and have to turn dozens of kids away. That is why pre-ordering guarantees your child a chicken biscuit.