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5th Grade Social – Nov. 4 (4-6 PM)

The Social is a fun indoor carnival organized by the PTO with proceeds benefiting LC teachers, Fine Arts, PE, Special Education, Life Skills and the Mitchell Scholarship Fund.  The students will be able to socialize with their friends, play games with the chance to win prizes and purchase food items like pizza and nachos with tickets.  Students will stay at school and will be dismissed from their LC to participate in the social. If your child is not attending the social, they will be dismissed from their normal transportation method.

The 5th Grade Social is for Mitchell Intermediate 5th Grade students only. No siblings will be allowed unless they are also in the 5th grade at Mitchell.  All students will be dismissed at 6:00 pm.

This is a student only event, the only parents permitted in the school during the Social are those scheduled and cleared by CISD to volunteer. For security purposes and the students’ safety, we will not allow parents to enter the building until the dismissal begins at 6:00 pm.

Each student that attends must purchase admission and activity tickets for games and food. Most activities and food require 2-8 tickets.  Tickets can be purchased on the link below.

For dismissal from the event, parents will PARK in the large parking and WALK to the dismissal exit as indicated below. There will not be a car line.

LC 7-LC 1 exit door (facing the front entrance of the school, the first door on the right)

LC 8-LC 2 exit door (facing the front entrance of the school, the second door on the right closest to Kuykendahl)

LC 9-front door entrance/exit of the school

LC 10-Commons entrance/exit (large windows facing large parking lot)

LC 11-Attendance entrance/exit (door right before large windows of the Commons)

LC 12-gym entrance/exit