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Generation TEXAS Week 2022

November 14 – November 18

Generation Texas Week teaches students about being successful in school, learning about the schools in their future, and continuing education like college and technical schools. Throughout this week, we will discuss the importance of education. We emphasize the opportunities that a good education allows, including colleges and careers. This week is devoted to teaching about the next steps after graduation and our students’ futures. Dressing up is optional, but please adhere to the school dress code if you choose to allow your child to participate. Below are the highlights that we will focus on throughout the week, and please help us celebrate our future with the following themes…

Monday, November 14: BACK TO YOUR FUTURE DAY (wear your favorite college shirt) Teachers will share information about colleges and answer questions about the college experience.

Tuesday, November 15: DRESS FOR SUCCESS (dress for the career that you would like to pursue) Teachers will help students explore job opportunities. “When I grow up, I want to be…”

Wednesday, November 16: PUTTING YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD (wear crazy socks) Teachers will talk about schools that students attend after Mitchell.

Thursday, November 17: OPTIONS OTHER THAN A FOUR YEAR COLLEGE (dress in red, white, and blue or cammo to symbolize our freedom to choose careers and higher education) Teachers will explore opportunities for students other than 4 year colleges.

Friday, November 18: CELEBRATE EDUCATION: YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT (wear neon to celebrate how bright our futures are!) Teachers will discuss how rewarding it is to do your best every day in school